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Consent & Release Forms

By brian barrick
February 18, 2013

Consent & Release Forms: When to use Them


When you own an adult family home it is important for you to realize that the clientele you deal with are fragile. In most cases, their children and grandchildren have taken it upon themselves to find them suitable living conditions.  This is where you come in as you offer the necessary facilities and care for their comfortable living.  In addition to these individuals been under your care, you are responsible for decisions in the eventuality of illness or accidents.

These decisions are a source of risk to your home. They leave your adult family home, open to exposure from liabilities and claims by clients. These claims have the potential to sink your business. Therefore, it is important that you implement risk management strategies to your home. These strategies will prevent your adult family home from suffering under liability claims from residents.

A way to protect your home from such is by having clients sign consent and release forms. These are forms that give you as the owner of the adult family home the right to determine what kind of treatment and which hospitals that are appropriate for your residents. With such exclusive rights, you protect your home from lawsuits filed by unsatisfied residents claiming that there has been violation to their rights.

You should avail legal release forms to your residents. This form allows you to have certain medical procedures performed onto a resident. This is crucial especially for those residents that have specific ailments, as these ailments could put you in a position where you have to make decisions on the spot. By having your resident’s sign this forms you have the legal responsibility to approve the medical procedures on behalf of the resident and their families if they are unable to be contacted or make the decisions themselves.

In addition to this, you ensure the well-being and safety of your residents. In the process, you protect your home too from legal action from family due to unauthorized medical procedures. This allows you to avert risk that arises from such operations hence ensuring the integrity of your adult living home.

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