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Communicate Effectively With Residents

By brian barrick
January 22, 2014

To provide residents and their families with quality care, administrators must ensure that they keep the lines of communication open. Doing so will build trust in the administrator, resident, and family relationship and play an important role in the resident’s understanding and following of the health care regiment.

Residents feel anxious, vulnerable and powerless when they don’t understand the information that administrators and caregivers give them. When dealing with detailed treatment plans with your residents, there are many things to discuss. Although you may take the time to go over all the details, some things may still get lost in translation. In order to prevent this from happening there are many steps that can be taken.

  • Use the “Chunk and Check” method: Simply break the information down into “chunks” and have a review after each one in order to make sure that the resident understands what is being said.
  • “Repeat Back” Strategy: This technique is most useful when discussing complicated matters that will take a long time to explain. Do not ask the resident to repeat back the details, instead ask them to tell you their thoughts on the information that they were given to get an idea of well they absorbed it.
  • Summarize the information discussed: At the end of the meeting, make sure to sum up the information discussed in a concise manner to ensure complete understanding. Planning ahead and providing your residents with a succinct conclusion will reap huge benefits.

Communication is key when working with residents and their families. It is very important that information is delivered in an informative and easy to understand way. Taking steps to ensure that residents have a full grasp of matters will prevent any medical issues that may stem from a misunderstanding.

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