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Celebrate Residents Birthdays!

By brian barrick
February 06, 2012

Who doesn’t love having their birthday celebrated? It’s the one day out of the year that is all about you, so why wouldn’t you celebrate that. A great activity for your residents in your assisted living home would be a monthly birthday party where you celebrate every resident’s birthday in that specific month.

All of the residents would be invited to share in the birthday festivities this is a fun and fairly inexpensive activity that will bring great joy to your residents.  You could have balloons tied to each resident’s chair that had a birthday, set up a banner with all of their names on it (you can buy reusable banners at local party supply stores), have pizza (If their diets allow that), bake a cake, and play games. It is a great way for a resident to bring out the child within. So, get out your party hats and get ready for your monthly birthday bash!

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