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PCH Mutual Webinar Recap: Long Term Care Challenges During COVID-19

By Dalton Bowlin
August 14, 2020

Our partners in PCH mutual recently hosted a webinar alongside Donna Fudge, a newly appointed member to the National COVID-19 Defense Counsel, where she discussed the impact and challenges that long-term care facilities have faced during the COVID-19 Crisis. As part of this discussion, Donna discussed tips and recommendations for long-term care facilities to help ...

Celebrate July 4th Safely at Your Facility with These Quick Tips

By Dalton Bowlin
June 30, 2020

Independence Day is a day of celebration, cook outs, fireworks, time with family and friends, and feeling extra patriotic! However, as much as we were all anticipating these upcoming celebrations, they will not be the same this year. The COVID-19 situation (we know, we’re tired of talking about it too!) has completely altered daily life, ...

Easter in Assisted Living During COVID-19

By Dalton Bowlin
April 03, 2020

Simple ways to celebrate the Easter holidays during COVID-19.   Despite these uncertain and unprecedented times the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about, there is still celebration and joy to be found on the brighter side of things as the Easter holiday approaches. There are many fun activities that assisted living and residential care communities alike ...

Loss of Business Income & Extra Expense – Don’t wait until it’s too late!

By Alexa Connelly
March 18, 2019

When it comes to caring for residents in an adult residential care facility, most administrators will say some days go as planned and some don’t. It is nearly impossible to predict every misstep that might occur. The best thing any adult residential care facility can do is to implement procedures to minimize risk and make ...

Protect your Residential Care Facility from Ransomware Attacks

By Alexa Connelly
March 06, 2019

Cyber criminals or hackers target organizations to steal sensitive data about the company, supporters, and customers. Historically, when individuals think about criminal cyber activity, they assumed only large for-profit organizations were at risk. That is no longer the case as criminals look for organizations that have minimal IT support and valuable, sensitive data – two ...

Special Event Insurance and Why You May Need It

By Alexa Connelly
October 01, 2018

Residential Care Facilities that offer special gatherings, banquets, resident carnivals, or other events may require additional insurance coverage. Special Events insurance is designed to offer protection to the event sponsor, holder, or vendor for bodily injury or property damage. These types of policies are written for the specific location, date, and time of the event. ...

The Benefits of Random Drug Testing Employees in Assisted Living Facilities

By Alexa Connelly
September 11, 2018

With the growing epidemic of prescription medication abuse in our country, drug screening has become an essential part of the hiring process for Adult Residential Care Facilities. It is important to make sure that the people who work at these facilities have no history of criminal behavior or current substance abuse problems that can put ...

The Importance of Providing Activities at your Assisted Living Facility

By Alexa Connelly
August 24, 2018

Activities are an essential element of the day to day life of an Assisted Living Facility. People need to be able to learn, interact, laugh and have fun no matter where they reside. While doing things like playing cards and board games may be fine for a rainy day, Adult Residential Care Homes can, while ...

Florida Lawmakers Require Generators for Assisted Living Facilities

By Heather Brown
July 20, 2018

  Florida lawmakers recently ratified a bill requiring all assisted living facilities (ALFs) to have working generators. Governor Rick Scott originally introduced the requirement for both nursing homes and assisted living facilities. While the nursing home law was passed in February, the assisted living facility requirement was stalled due to concerns about how the increase ...

Announcing PCH’s New Memory Box Initiative

By Heather Brown
March 09, 2018

Memory boxes have always been a way to collect mementos of the things we love most in our lives – ticket stubs to remember an experience, photos of loved ones, and even written text to remember a conversation. Anybody can create their own memory box during any point in their life. Over the years the ...