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The Benefits of Random Drug Testing Employees in Assisted Living Facilities

By Alexa Connelly
September 11, 2018

With the growing epidemic of prescription medication abuse in our country, drug screening has become an essential part of the hiring process for Adult Residential Care Facilities. It is important to make sure that the people who work at these facilities have no history of criminal behavior or current substance abuse problems that can put ...

The Importance of Incident Documentation

By Heather Brown
February 09, 2018

Assisted living facility owners and administrators carry a lot of responsibility in their daily activities. From making sure residents are properly cared or to managing staff to organizing the everyday operations and needs. Too often you take on numerous items at once, and it is easy to find yourself knee deep in multi-tasking. One item ...

Understanding Mediation & Arbitration

By Heather Brown
October 14, 2016

Assisted living facilities offer a magnitude of services to their residents on a daily basis. Residents rely on you to provide quality care and maintain their quality of life with activities and assistance with daily living. Along with their care, you undertake a great risk – the possibility of a lawsuit. Lawsuits are unpredictable. They ...

Missing Medical Records

By brian barrick
November 12, 2013

Missing medical records can be a legal and clerical nightmare if you don’t know how to handle the situation. If you are an administrator or owner of an assisted living facility, it is vital for you to know what to do when records go missing and how to prevent this from happening in the first ...

Skin Breakdown: The Importance of Understanding

By brian barrick
November 04, 2013

  Skin care issues can arise when a resident is not able to roll over in bed.  The skin breakdown process is something that can be frightening for a resident that has lupus for example.  You want to be able to apply the correct ointments, cremes and treatments that are crucial to the healthcare of ...

Employee Smoking Policies in Assisted Living Facilities

By brian barrick
October 21, 2013

Employee smoking policies are very important within assisted living homes.  Policies are oftentimes implemented within this type of environment to enhance the safety of the workplace.  Such policies will aid the facility in minimizing risks and protecting staff and residents from workplace accidents. Implementing an Employee Smoking Policy In order to develop an effective policy, ...

Falling On Ice: Injury Care And Prevention

By brian barrick
October 03, 2013

Along with the arrival of winter comes the risk of falling on ice and sustaining an injury. Back and hip injuries are common along with pulled of strained muscles. Fall Related Injuries Pulling a muscle after a slipping on ice may cause muscle pain. If you were lucky enough to catch yourself in the middle ...

What Should Be Reported When an Incident Occurs?

By brian barrick
March 27, 2013

According to the health and safety authority, all incidents that occur in a work situation such an assisted home living should be reported. This applies regardless of whether it is a fatal incident, or when it is very minor. Reporting of an incident varies in the recording procedures, however any form of recording that you ...

Reduce Fall Exposures

By brian barrick
November 20, 2012

There are several steps to take to aid in reducing the chances of someone falling when they live in your adult family home. The first step to reduce the chances of someone falling when they live in your adult family home is to make sure that you review all of the medications that the person ...

Elder Abuse Epidemic

By brian barrick
April 12, 2012

Elder abuse has reached epidemic proportions in the United States.  Due to social isolation, mental and physical impairment, elders are more vulnerable than others.  Locations of abuse are many and include the home, nursing homes, assisted living facilities or the public.  Due to the occasionally stressful demands of caregivers for the elderly, caregivers sometimes find ...