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Can Social Media Help you?

By Heather Brown
October 03, 2014

Social Media is a growing marketing force in the 21st century and has the power to take your business to new heights. Even though Social Media Marketing is so powerful, many Adult Care Organizations still shy away from using it as tool. To stay ahead of your competition and in front of your supporters, you need to embrace the concept and move forward at warp speed. By engaging your supporters and potential residents online you are able to develop a relationship with them on a new personal level. Social Media Marketing can:

1. Increase Website Traffic Traffic to your website is generated either by links on other sites or from social networking sites. The more social networks you are part of increases the amount of traffic referred to your site from social networking sites. This will put your website in front of more potential residents and their families.

2. Replace expensive advertising methods that aren’t working anymore with FREE Marketing! Some forms of marketing are high in cost and low in the number of leads returned. Social Media marketing has much lower costs with most networks being FREE to join. “Jumping on the Bandwagon” may save your marketing budget and your Adult Care Organization BIG Bucks in advertising costs.

3. Build relationships with your residents/supporters We are living in a time period where residents WANT to KNOW who they are doing business with and what type of Adult Care Organization they are putting loved ones in ahead of time. They want to be reassured that Adult Care Organizations like your have a personality they can relate to and share common interests with. Refer to our website for this complete article located in our June 2010 Newsletter!

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