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Benefits of Assisted Living for Your Loved Ones

By brian barrick
April 03, 2013

As out loved ones get older, their needs change. Some of those needs cannot be properly met at home, and you and your family may not be qualified to give them the proper care they need. In times like these, many people look to assisted living homes for their elders. There are some who may be reluctant to place their parent or grandparent in the care of others because they may be uneducated on the matter of assisted living.

What is assisted living?
An assisted living facility offers round the clock care by medically trained professionals. The facilities are typically designed to be accessible for the disabled, with bathrooms designed for people who use walkers and wheelchairs. The staff will make sure they are clean, fed and taking their medication.

What are the benefits?

With old age comes many complications in the form of arthritis, dementia and Alzheimer’ disease. The average person usually experiences these for the first time when their parents or grandparents have it, and they are not likely prepared to treat their conditions. In assisted living facilities, the staff has a lot of experience dealing with various ailments. They have seen the signs and symptoms of various sicknesses, and know how to treat them.
Assisted living homes are also likely to be occupied by people their own age, who have shared their past and current experiences. Having common ground among your peers is always nice, especially in the twilight of your life. It will be an excellent opportunity for your loved ones to make new friends.

What is assisted living? For many it is a way of life. Whether we are talking about the residents and their families, or the staff that operates them. It is a great opportunity for your loved ones to live independently for their remaining years while getting the best care possible. It is the peace of mind of knowing that your parents or grandparents are getting the help they need. It is a big step, but for many, it is the right one to make.

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  1. Brian, thanks for your comment about how assisted living can help your loved ones who need to be cared for more often than they used to. I like how you said that these types of facilities can help those who are disabled and who are in wheelchairs too. My husband is considering assisted living facilities for his grandparents because they can’t take care of themselves very well anymore.

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