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Bath Safety – Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents inside Your Bathroom

By brian barrick
August 19, 2013


Bathrooms are a very dangerous place to be. Slip and fall prevention should be a top concern in your bathroom. Many accidents happen due to wet floors, loose rugs, and tripping. Reducing these dangers will prevent many future accidents. The elderly are especially prone to falling in the bathroom, creating serious injury and even death.


Installing carpet in the bathroom will keep the floor from being slick due to water puddles. This alone should help tremendously in the amount of falls in a bathroom. Make sure it is an indoor/outdoor type carpet. Indoor carpet will attract mold if it is wet a lot. Make sure you do not use loose rugs in place of carpet. These can just add to the problem.

Grab the bar

Put grab bars in reach of the tub and toilet. This will help with balance getting out of the tub. Installing rubber strips on the bars will help when gripping. Wet hands on slick metal still could result in a fall.

Light it up

Tripping while going to the bathroom at night is quite common. Night lights should be installed in the bathroom and also the path leading there. This will help reduce those night time accidents.

A special tub

Bathrooms are extra dangerous to the elderly. Slip and fall prevention can be extremely important for these people. They are more likely to break bones and have other serious injuries due to their age. A special walk-in tub will keep them from trying to climb in and out of a regular one. These tubs have built in seats that make taking a bath a lot easier for these senior citizens.

Over one third of people over sixty five has had a fall in the bathroom. Wet floors and loose rugs are the biggest culprits here. Following these helpful tips will help give you a safe injury free bathroom for many years.

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