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Avoide Elderly Dehydration

By brian barrick
July 24, 2012

With this extreme summer heat everyone is at more of a risk of dehydration, but elderly individuals are even more at risk because their bodies have less water content than younger people. Symptoms of dehydration need to be taken serious and they need to be treated as soon as possible, because, believe it or not, dehydration is life threatening. Residents in adult family homes and other adult care facilities cannot always keep track of staying hydrated so it is up to you and the employees to offer the residents plenty of fluids throughout the day provide beverages your residents enjoy, make liquids easily accessible, encourage fluid intake, and help those who are unable to drink independently.  Symptoms of dehydration include

  1.  dry mouth
  2.  low or dark urine
  3.  Constipation
  4.  Lethargy
  5.  Fatigue
  6.  Headache
  7.  muscle weakness
  8.  Dizziness
  9.  Lightheadedness
  10.  Confusion
  11. Rapid breathing


If you see any warning signs of dehydration in your residents, please seek instant medical attention for them immediately.

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