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Avoid Holiday Travel Stress!

By Heather Brown
November 24, 2014

The holidays can be stressful even in the best scenarios, but add some long distance travel in to the mix and things can become overwhelming. Use some of these stress busters below to keep you cheerful and in the holiday spirit.

Book in advance. Beat the rush and avoid the headache of last minute bookings. There are many online travel services, but sometimes a travel agent can save you time and energy.
Get plenty of rest. Travel can be exhausting so get a good night sleep before you leave.
Drink plenty of water. Dehydration is the number one cause of jet lag! Drink plenty of water before, during and after your flight.
If you are traveling with youngsters it’s a good idea to bring along some small surprises for them. Word games, books, and drawing supplies are quiet and don’t take up much space.
Keep all of your travel documents together and easy to access.
Check your flights for delays and cancellations before you leave for the airport.
Remember to arrive at the airport early. Check with your local airport to see how early they suggest travelers should arrive.
There are new regulations regarding carry one luggage so it’s a good idea to check before you pack.

Holidays should be fun. Keep things in perspective and remind yourself why you are making the journey. If you keep your head so will the rest of your party. Stay calm, breath deep, and enjoy yourself. For more helpful travel information visit:

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