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Assisted Living Facility Newsletters

By brian barrick
February 14, 2012

One hobby that almost all senior citizens seem to enjoy is reading the paper. They like to be kept up on what is happening in their community, events, and the cartoons and crossword puzzles. You can incorporate the newspaper into your facility by creating a monthly, weekly, or even daily newsletter that your residents would truly enjoy.

            First you will need to make a layout of what will be covered in your newsletter, will it be strictly for your facility or will it include information about your whole community. Next you will need to get staff members to write blogs about the topics you pick. For the fun and games section you can find a bunch of cartoons on the internet, or your can create your own. You can also find crossword puzzle makers online and Sudoku. All that’s left is handing out your papers, and seeing your residents enjoy them.


For an easy to use template, visit and send an e-mail request.

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