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lanAssisted Living Facility Disaster Plan

By brian barrick
August 28, 2012

You may see social media as a hobby that takes up too many teenagers time, but in the matter of disasters, it can be a life saver. Think about it, if there is a major disaster, like a severe thunderstorm that injured 100 people and killed one, but there is no way of communicating if you are okay or what the next step is. The solution is real-time reporting which is exactly what happens in the world of social media. In a matter of nanoseconds, hundreds of individuals can see the same message. The use of social media can be used to alert firefights, hospitals, etc., as well as to stay in touch with family and friends so they know you are safe during disastrous events.

Many Assisted Living Facilities and adult care homes across the country are using facebook during natural disasters to communicate to family and loved ones of their residents. Of course, families cannot always rely on social media and the want the reassurance of hearing their loved ones voice so there are satellite phones available that can be shipped. When owning an assisted living facility, be sure to train your staff on exactly what to do when a disaster arises and how to communicate with one another. For a sample disaster plan for your facility contact the team at Personal Care & Assisted Living Insurance Center.

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