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Assisted Living Facilities Insurance and Disaster Preparedness

By brian barrick
May 13, 2013

As  much as assisted living facilities are insured with insurance companies and against the relevant risks, safety comes first and prevention is better than a cure. This calls for the need to put in place measures and installed mechanisms to ensure that the inhabitants which include the residents as well as the employees are protected from any danger in case of the occurrence of any risk. The type of protective mechanism to install however depends on the risks that are expected to occur. The most probable risks in terms of occurrence should be given high priority when installing the defensive mechanism.

The precaution measures to take are driven by factors such as health, accidents that could occur from within the institution and those that could occur from the external neighboring environments. As far as health is concerned the control mechanism should start right from prevention where health related activities are put in place. The home should be far from or not directly oriented towards a factory releasing pollutants that is health threatening. There should be first aid kits in the homes that are may be used to offer first and quick medical attention. These homes if large enough should have at least a medical facility such as health centers, a hospital and an ambulance for referral purposes.

The other risky threat is the outbreak of fire. This is very serious and can lead to mass destruction as well as massive loss of life. Highly inflammable items such as fuels should be kept away from fire triggering locations to prevent possible fire outbreaks. In addition to that, each room in the institution should be equipped with a fire extinguishing device. A fire small scale fire brigade may also be introduced depending on how large the facility is. If the facility is small they should have contacts of the closest fire extinguishing body available for quicker contact during a fire emergency.

Accidents may originate from within or outside the facility. The possible sources of such accident originating from within the institution should be well managed and the residents well educated to minimize accidents due to ignorance. First aid kits and ambulances are very important facilities here. Proper fencing protects the occupants from external accidents.

There should also be protection against natural calamities for instant areas prone to thunder strikes should be installed with lightening arrestors. This ensures proper protection against danger.

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