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Assisted Living Facilities Disaster Preparedness

By Heather Brown
October 30, 2014

Having a plan in place for when disaster hits your assisted living facility is highly important. Your assisted living facility is home to people who may have extreme stress during a disaster and you want to make it as easy on them as you can by having a plan in place for all disasters. All residents should have a copy of this plan and the plan should include the following:

What to do in case of a fire. Residents should know exactly what to do when they hear the fire alarm. Come up with a neutral meeting space for everyone to meet if they hear the fire alarm sounding. If a resident is the one responsible for or sees a fire start they should know to call 911.

Have a plan in place if something goes wrong with one of the residents and the role that should be played by everyone in the household. It is not uncommon for people who are living in assisted living facilities to have accidents and/or need medical attention.

Make sure that the residents know what will be done to make sure that all residents and staff members are safe if disaster strikes. Make sure that you have a couple first aid kits in the building and show residents where the first aid kits are located.

It is very important that residents know who to call in case of an emergency. Have a list of emergency contacts by the telephone so if an emergency happens the residents can look at the list and call the appropriate person/people.

Have all residents files on hand and easily accessed in case of a medical emergency. You may not be able to recite each residents medical problems and needs off the top of your head. It is very important that if an emergency occurs you are able to provide the responding parties with as much information as possible.

Conduct drills so that residents are fully prepared in case of emergency.

Have a map with two emergency exits from each room. Make sure that all residents are aware of each exit and each resident has a copy of the map.

These are some of the most important things to have included in in your disaster plan. Residents in your assisted living facility will feel less stress if they are prepared for disaster when it strikes.

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