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Adult Family Homes: Prevent Falls

By brian barrick
September 19, 2013


Falls can be important to prevent when you are taking of a senior or a disabled person.  The concept of falling can truly frighten someone and cause a lot of different long term injuries in the process.  An adult family home has to be built with safety bars in the bathroom in order to prevent falls.  A lot of falls that occur in the bathroom can be due to a slippery floor.


The people managing the home need to make sure the bathroom is not too slippery where people can end up injuring themselves.  A key thing to remember is that there needs to be people on staff that notice every time a resident stands up and asks for assistance.  A resident that asks for assistance may have a hard time walking; if you have a hard time walking then a staff member should work extremely hard in order to avoid a potential disaster.


An adult family home has to have rooms that are easy to enter.  A number of residents can get their wheelchairs caught if the doorways are not all that wide.  A resident who is impatient may try and get out of their chair in order to deal with the doorways.  A fall is more likely to happen when a resident leaves a chair that has been prescribed to them.

An adult family home may want to install softer carpet in case people do end up falling.  The softer carpet could be easier to deal with than hardwood floors.  You may want to find a facility where physical therapists are on staff in case you do fall and need to be able to go through rehab.  A great business owner has to be willing to make changes to their property if the flooring in a facility is causing more falls.  A good architect will be able to tell a property owner how important the flooring is within a given facility.

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