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8 Tips to Protect Your Home

By brian barrick
April 26, 2012

Your home doesn’t have to be an open invitation to thieves; in fact, it can be the opposite. Here are ways you can make your residence one in which burglars will have no interest.

  1. Outdoor Lighting — Illuminate your home’s entry points (doors and windows) and make sure the lights shine on the house, not in the eyes of any “observers.”
  2. Burglar Alarms — For thieves, these alarms are a hassle, a big hassle, especially if the system is sophisticated.
  3. Landscaping — Don’t give burglars hiding places. Trim bushes away from doors and windows, and at least two feet up from the ground.
  4. Doors — A strong lock installed in a weak door isn’t a strong deterrent. Outside doors should be metal or solid hardwood and at least 1 ¾ inches thick. Frames should be made of equally strong material, and doors should fit their frames securely.
  5. Locks — The best bet here are deadbolts with heavy strike plates secured with three-inch steel screws.
  6. Marked Valuables — Make your property harder for thieves to sell, for example, by engraving an identifying mark such as your driver’s license number on your valuables.
  7. Secure Windows, Sliding Glass Doors — Drill through the corners of the sashes of double-hung windows and insert a removable metal pin. Secure sliding glass doors with a dowel placed in the lower track and flathead screws in the upper track.
  8. Neighborhood Watches — Participate in or organize a neighborhood watch program. A decal placed on a window near the entry points of your home will convey to burglars that they possibly are being watched

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