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5 Tips to Prevent Falls

By brian barrick
February 11, 2013

The elderly are at great danger of injury from falls. They are at greater risk because of existing or unknown health problems, vision problems, and possible effects from their medications. To help prevent falls and keep your patients safe, you need to make sure your facility has eliminated any risks that could cause falls in older people. By doing so, you will help keep your insurance costs low and the risk of claims will be reduced.

Consider these 5 helpful tips that can help prevent falls in your facility:

  • Inspect carpeting for any tears or areas that appear to have loosened from the floor. This could cause someone that is unsteady on their feet to trip. Use only non-skid rubber mats in your facility and do not allow residents to use throw rugs in their private rooms.
  • Quickly have any spills cleaned from floors to prevent residents from slipping on wet areas. Limit routine cleaning of floors to hours when residents will not be walking about.
  • Install safety bars along the hallway walls. This will give residents something to grab on to if they become tired or feel unsteady on their feet.
  • Make sure safety bars are installed in all the bathrooms in your facility. These should be inspected regularly to make sure they have not loosened and pulled away from the wall.
  • All areas such as hallways, resident rooms, and common areas should be well lit and free of clutter. These are just some examples of how you can prevent falls in older people in your facility.

By taking the time to address any problems that may be identified with these tips, you can avoid the expense of residents’ injuries and reduce the risk of possible lawsuits.

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