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5 Tips on Working with Alzheimer’s Residents

By brian barrick
July 03, 2013

Alzheimers patients need gentle and sensitive handling when they are in a care facility. It is important to make sure that they feel safe and secure in their surroundings. It takes time for them to get used to the people and activities given their condition. When working with Alzheimers patients you should:

1.     Make sure that they are physically safe – locks on the doors to prevent them wandering off; beds secured with bed rails if they have a tendency to fall off the beds.

2.     Hygiene – bathing and toilet care is important as residents should be encouraged to keep clean. They may need help in the toilet and the bathroom should have rails and other safety equipment in place.

3.     Keeping them active and occupied – structured activity of a short duration helps Alzheimer’s patients by adding some routine to their days and gives them something to look forward to. As patients have a short attention span, the activities, which may involve working on a craft or hobby, playing games and the like should be held for periods that the patients are comfortable handling.

4.     Exercise – whether structured exercise, dance, or going for walks, physical activity is important to ensure the physical fitness of the patient. You may need to accompany them for walks and exercise should ideally be supervised.

5.     Food – for those patients who can, eating should be a social activity and appealing and delicious but easy to eat food should be served. Those patients who have eating and feeding difficulties may need help to eat.

Alzheimers patients need loving care and can thrive in a secure and protected atmosphere where you can take care of their daily needs.


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