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5 Steps to Starting a Personal Care Home in Georgia

By brian barrick
April 10, 2013

A personal care home provides shelter and other assisted living services to elderly and those who are disabled. Individuals who cannot take care of themselves can get care from a home care facility. Some of the services offered include administration of medication, provision of food, bathing, doing laundry and shelter. When planning to start a personal care home in Georgia, a prospective home care owner should follow a number of processes. The following will help you on how to start a personal care home in Georgia.

Step 1

The first step involving how to start a personal care home in Georgia entails identification of a building or property where the home will be established. You will need to purchase necessary technical equipment, medical equipment, supplies and furniture.

Step 2

The staff employed need to be thoroughly vetted and screened to ensure that they possess the right skills to be able to care for those who will be living in the home. Performing a criminal background check on all staff is essential, including the administrators staff.

Step 3

The next step is to establish a statement of policies and procedures guiding the delivery of home care services. The statement should also explain acceptable moral behavior of all workers. A policy statement establishes routine behaviors and ensures that everything runs in accordance with the law.

Step 4

The last step is applying for a permit for your personal care home in Georgia. This application needs to be accompanied by the property’s layout and records of the owner. The permit is obtained from the department of community health in Georgia and the office of regulatory services in Georgia. You are supposed to submit all the requirements and a checklist detailing all the aspects mentioned in the previous steps. The department shall conduct its inspection before giving you a license to begin operations.

Step 5

The department of community in Georgia will allow you to start a personal care home in Georgia after you receive a positive review. However, you will need to carry out continuous safety checks to ensure that the home is safe for occupants. Using the above steps on how to start a personal care home in GA, you will be able to run a successful program.

17 Replies to “5 Steps to Starting a Personal Care Home in Georgia”

    1. I am interested in opening my own personal care home. Can you tell me the process of personal care licensing please?

    2. I am interested in opening a personal care Home. Do I have to have a ranch style home or will a two story Home be acceptable to get started? I can purchase a different type home in the future.

  1. Can you help me sir
    I have my permit but now i dont know how to find patients and actually run the home . I also need to find 2 caregivers pls

    1. I have obtained the personal care home application for Georgia. I’m in the process of paraphrasing the rules & regs. Upon completion of the application & obtaining the inspections how long does it take for an inspector to visit the home for my permit?

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