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5 Key ways to Reduce Fall Risk

By Heather Brown
September 02, 2014

Falls are the number one cause of facility-incurred injuries. One in every three people age 65 and older fall each year. It is important for you as care providers to implement procedures that help reduce the number of falls and exposure to falls. Highlighted below are 5 keys to reducing your exposure to falls:

1. Implement Family Intervention Discussion Agreement

2. Complete a Physician Notification of the resident’s condition for fall risks and forward to the physician of the resident

3. Place employees on alert of any resident at risk of falls

4. Have residents that are at risk wear a star or special pendant that alerts others this resident is at risk for falls

5. Form a safety committee that acts as a “watchdog” for exposures that may lead to falls or ideas that may reduce fall exposures.

If you currently are not implementing the above forms or policies, be sure to check out where you can print these forms to use in your facility. Keeping your residents safe is your number one priority and we want to make it as efficient as possible for you.

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