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5 Signs of Alzheimer’s Before Memory Loss

By Heather Brown
March 18, 2015

Alzheimer’s disease occurs is the elderly typically before the age of 65. Knowing the signs, before Alzheimer’s occurs can help with early treatment to help slow down the development of the disease so you or a love one can live as long as possible with as much memory and quality to life as possible.  1. ...

Avoid Skin Breakdown at Your Assisted Living

By Heather Brown
March 16, 2015

As an administrator of a personal home care facility, assisted living facility or adult family homes, you might have seen signs of skin breakdown in most if not all of your clients. Old people and incapacitated individuals stand the highest risks of getting skin breakdowns. This is because they rarely move or they spend the better ...

Signs of Wandering Behavior in Residents

By Heather Brown
March 11, 2015

Every 6 in 10 patients suffering from some form of dementia will wander. This is because most of them are disoriented in some way, and cannot remember who they are or where they live making it difficult for them too find their way back to where they are suppose to be. Catching the early signs ...

Why Should you have Pets visit your Assisted Living Facility

By Heather Brown
March 06, 2015

Assisted living facilities are homes to people with disabilities that need supervision or some sort of assistance with daily activities in addition to medicinal care on a regular basis. However, living in assisted living facilities daily can cause depression and loneliness in the people living there daily. The best way to help bring happiness into ...

Volunteering Benefits for the Elderly

By Heather Brown
March 03, 2015

Being elderly is a gift. It means you have been blessed with many years of experiences, which you can share with others by volunteering. There are several places you can volunteer at such as a soup kitchen, group home, at a homeless shelter or animal shelter, or whatever place in your local area is in ...