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Detecting and Managing System Failures

By Heather Brown
December 30, 2014

Best Practices for Managing Confidential Client and Customer Information Detecting and Managing System Failures: Effective security management requires your company to deter, detect, and defend against security breaches. That means taking reasonable steps to prevent attacks, quickly diagnosing a security incident, and having a plan in place for responding effectively. Consider implementing the following procedures: ...

Know the Symptoms of Depression

By Heather Brown
December 29, 2014

1. Feelings of sadness or irritability . 2. Loss of interest or pleasure in activities . 3. Changes in weight or appetite . 4. Changes in sleeping pattern . 5. Feeling guilty or worthless . 6. Can’t concentrate, remember things or make decisions . 7. Fatigue or loss of energy . 8. Restless or sluggish ...

Proper Medication Administration

By Heather Brown
December 28, 2014

The more you know about medications administration assistance and the proper use, the better you will be at performing your job. As a staff person providing care for an elderly resident, you may be required to assist an elderly resident in administering the use of medications. Proper use of medication is a process that involves ...

Why Have Training in Medication Administration?

By Heather Brown
December 27, 2014

When an agency assumes responsibility for the care of an elderly resident, it is required to make special efforts to protect their safety. In addition to protecting the health and well being of the elderly residents that you care for, your knowledge of appropriate medication procedures for administering medications will protect you and your agency ...

Contract Service Providers

By Heather Brown
December 26, 2014

Take care to never represent the services of the Contracted Service provider or the Third Party Providers as if they are your own. If your brochure, website or other marketing material state “we have Physical Therapy, Nursing Services, Beauty Parlor, etc.”, you are implying that they are services of your facility. . A safer way ...

What Happens When an Elderly Resident Takes a Medication?

By Heather Brown
December 24, 2014

After a pill (tablet or capsule) is swallowed it goes into the stomach where it is broken down into small particles. Medication then passes through the stomach and intestines and goes into the bloodstream. The blood carries the medication to the part of the body it is intended to act. Later the medication is removed ...

Incident Reporting Checklist

By Heather Brown
December 23, 2014

Incident Reporting: Sample Checklist To makes sure that incidents get reported accordingly, use the following checklist to see if you have the following: There is a written incident reporting policy/procedure. The procedure includes a clear definition of what is reportable. The procedure defines responsibility for reporting incidents and emphasizes participation of all staff in all ...

Abuse Prevention: Potential Costs

By Heather Brown
December 19, 2014

The short and long term emotional and physical effects of abuse and/or misconduct on residents are obvious and devastating. The short and long term effects on the organization are less obvious, but extremely devastating, nonetheless. Short Term Cost and Impact on the Facility Investigation expense Temporary replacement service expense Facility operation without accused employee during ...

Abuse Prevention: What Controls do you have in place?

By Heather Brown
December 18, 2014

Of the vast array of expenses that confront your organization, one of the most devastating is abuse, molestation, and misconduct. It can occur between staff and resident, volunteers and resident, resident and resident, and resident and the public. It knows no physical or age barriers. Like any other exposure, controls leading towards its prevention and ...

Incident Reporting

By Heather Brown
December 17, 2014

Who, What, How, and Where are all questions that should be answered when reporting and following up on an incident. Who? – The employee/staff or volunteer person who discovers, witnesses, or to whom the event is reported should be responsible for documenting the incident. It is important that incident reporting be non-punitive process. What? – ...