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Cyber Liability- What’s Your Risk?

By Heather Brown
November 28, 2014

Nowadays, almost every business is on the web in some way which means that your company may be at risk for litigation. According to the 2009 FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey, 71% of companies in America endangered their financial stability by not having cyber liability insurance. Here are a few scenarios for which your ...

9 Tips for Earthquake Safety

By Heather Brown
November 27, 2014

Things are not always how they seem; at least it seems that way after reading an article on earthquake safety by Doug Copp. He has worked with every major disaster in the world since 1985 and knows some great safety tips that may seem opposite to us, but more effective. Do not duck and cover ...

8 Tips to help your Diabetic Residents

By Heather Brown
November 27, 2014

Everyone probably knows someone who is diabetic, whether it is yourself, a friend, an employee or even a resident.  However, I recently received a request to discuss diabetes from an insured and I felt they had some very valid concerns. After doing some research on and the American Diabetes Association’s website, I felt it ...

Don’t Let the Plaintiff Attorney Get a Leg Up

By Heather Brown
November 26, 2014

In a facility in a small city in New York, the plaintiff attorney alleged that our insured failed to develop care plans and failed to properly supervise the plaintiff.  It is also alleged the insured failed to conduct a proper evaluation, which would have lead the defendant to the conclusion that the plaintiff was not ...

How Changes Affect our Lives

By Heather Brown
November 25, 2014

Life is funny, it throws us twists and turns and some how we seem to adapt and move forward.  Can you imagine how boring life would be without these interruptions, distractions and changes? Yes, with change comes adjustment which brings me to the topic of this week’s blog. As we get older, adjustment to change ...

Avoid Holiday Travel Stress!

By Heather Brown
November 24, 2014

The holidays can be stressful even in the best scenarios, but add some long distance travel in to the mix and things can become overwhelming. Use some of these stress busters below to keep you cheerful and in the holiday spirit. Book in advance. Beat the rush and avoid the headache of last minute bookings. ...

Don’t destroy those documents!

By Heather Brown
November 21, 2014

My coach often told us, “The best offense is a good defense!” It seems kind of strange to think that this saying can be carried to adult residential care communities; however, it is one of the most important things an adult residential care can do to stay out of a court room. The following claim ...

Exclusive Worker’s Comp Program for Adult Residential Care Communities!

By Heather Brown
November 20, 2014

“WORKERS’ COMPENSATIONS PROGRAM FOR ONLY ADULT RESIDENTIAL CARE COMMUNITIES is being offered exclusively through PCALIC, LLC.  Through an exclusive arrangement with PMA, PCALIC makes available to assisted living facilities, personal care homes, adult foster care, community based residential care facilities and other like adult residential care communities a new and exclusive workers’ compensation program.  A ...

When should you report General Liability Claims for your Adult Residential Care Facility?

By Heather Brown
November 19, 2014

May, 2007 resident Falls from Bed…June 2007 Resident goes to hospital for Pneumonia…August 2008, facility reports claim to insurance company…15 months after incident occurs, claim is reported to insurance carrier… January 14, 2005 visitor falls entering facility…January 23, 2009 lawsuit filed against facility…March 10, 2009, facility notifies insurance company of claim…50 months after the incident ...

Policies & Procedures to Prevent Wandering

By Heather Brown
November 18, 2014

People who suffer from these diseases have a tendency to wander. When a person has dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, they become confused and disoriented. Once out in the world, they may forget where they were going and not recognize their surroundings. This can be incredibly dangerous. There have been cases of wandering where the patient ...