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What is Coumadin?

By brian barrick
January 30, 2014

What is Coumadin and how does it work? Coumadin serves as a preventative medication against heart attacks, strokes and blood clots. Coumadin goes by other medical names such Warfarin, Jantoven or blood thinners. Residents in assisted living facilities, nursing homes and adult foster care are sometimes given treatments of Warfarin to help prevent heart disease, ...

Business Files Vs. Medical Files

By brian barrick
January 29, 2014

Separating the personal from the impersonal is important when looking after any patient or resident who may be in your care. That’s why categorizing your documentation into medical records and business files is so essential. Just what goes into this though, and how can you best establish which is which? Preparing Your Medical Files What ...

Protect Your ALF on Social Media

By brian barrick
January 28, 2014

Social media websites provide online spaces where different types of businesses, including assisted living facilities, can promote their services. The use of social media can lead to an increase in residents over time and give others a glimpse into the types of amenities you have at your facility.  When you and other administrators create and ...

The Importance of Documentation

By brian barrick
January 27, 2014

In any business industry there is always one important rule to follow; document everything. Even if a task or assignment has been completed, if it is not properly documented, “it never happened.” While this can be frustrating, this is how businesses operate; especially, in the medical field. Why is Documentation so Important? Imagine working in ...

How to Work with New Families & Residents

By brian barrick
January 23, 2014

Moving into an adult care facility can be an emotional time for everyone involved, whether family of the resident or the actual resident. It is important for an adult family home to be prepared and educated on how to work with new residents and their family. Putting Them at Ease It’s essential to put their ...

Communicate Effectively With Residents

By brian barrick
January 22, 2014

To provide residents and their families with quality care, administrators must ensure that they keep the lines of communication open. Doing so will build trust in the administrator, resident, and family relationship and play an important role in the resident’s understanding and following of the health care regiment. Residents feel anxious, vulnerable and powerless when ...

Preparing for The Deep Freeze

By brian barrick
January 06, 2014

As we prepare to see the coldest temperatures in decades in this current deep freeze across the country, make sure you, your family, and your organization are prepared in advance. Make sure your have the following items on hand: Full tank of gas Emergency preparedness kit in your vehicle that includes warm clothing and blankets ...