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How a Home Care Agency for Alzheimer’s Care Can Support Families

By brian barrick
October 08, 2013

Most people do not fully understand how devastating it can be when a family member is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The signs that a loved one may be in the beginning  stages of the condition are subtle, and family members often overlook them or look for other reasons for the confusion and memory lapses. When a ...

What is Sundowning?

By brian barrick
October 07, 2013

What is sundowning? It may not be a term you’re presently familiar with, and your understanding of the condition, will help prevent wandering in your assisted living facility. Sundowning occurs in people with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. It is a psychological phenomenon that is usually associated with confusion and increased restlessness in people who suffer from ...

Falling On Ice: Injury Care And Prevention

By brian barrick
October 03, 2013

Along with the arrival of winter comes the risk of falling on ice and sustaining an injury. Back and hip injuries are common along with pulled of strained muscles. Fall Related Injuries Pulling a muscle after a slipping on ice may cause muscle pain. If you were lucky enough to catch yourself in the middle ...

The Role of an Assisted Living Facility

By brian barrick
October 02, 2013

An assisted living facility carries an enormous amount of responsibility; staff roles there can be highly stressful and take a lot of skill and personal effort to carry out properly. Residents at these homes are often there because they are unable to take care of themselves, and in effect a large part of their lifestyle ...