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How To Store Medical Records

By brian barrick
October 31, 2013

It is crucial that medical records are maintained with great accuracy. They are of interest to various parties including patients and health care organizations including assisted living facilities. Records are also of interest to government bodies including tax authorities and bodies involved with health care planning and provision of services. Different states, similar standards Different ...

Importance of Water Testing

By brian barrick
October 30, 2013

As Baby Boomers mature, the numbers of assisted living facilities are steadily rising to meet this aging population’s needs. These facilities allow seniors and their families to concentrate on living in the now rather than worrying about the unpredictability of the future. Ideally, the health and safety of residents is of utmost importance to a ...

How to Properly Close Your Adult Family Home

By brian barrick
October 29, 2013

There are many reasons why you might decide the time is right to close your adult family home. The problem is that you can’t simply close the doors and walk away. There are legal responsibilities involved and if you you don’t get the closing process right then you may find yourself in a lot more ...

Assisting Residents in The Shower

By brian barrick
October 28, 2013

 Assisting Residents In The Shower   Among people with disabilities, one of the most common places that slips and falls occur is in the shower. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you provide disabled adults living in an adult foster home with assistance in the shower. Equipment is available to assist ...

How Can Forgetting Coumadin Hurt Your Resident?

By brian barrick
October 23, 2013

Care of patients at home or in a facility is particularly important if the patient is on a medicine like Coumadin. This blood thinner is given to people with stroke disorders, cardiac problems and blood clotting disorders and patients are usually on a regular dose of the medicine at specific times. When an agency is ...

How Long Should You Keep Documentation?

By brian barrick
October 22, 2013

Physicians have a number of responsibilities when it comes to retaining medical records. Various things come into play that affects the amount of time an assisted living facility needs to retain the records. Federal and state laws, association policies, medical boards and the type of record all make the determination as to how long the ...

Employee Smoking Policies in Assisted Living Facilities

By brian barrick
October 21, 2013

Employee smoking policies are very important within assisted living homes.  Policies are oftentimes implemented within this type of environment to enhance the safety of the workplace.  Such policies will aid the facility in minimizing risks and protecting staff and residents from workplace accidents. Implementing an Employee Smoking Policy In order to develop an effective policy, ...

Understanding the Basics of a Wandering Management System

By brian barrick
October 14, 2013

A wandering management system can help staff members keep track of residents and make sure they are safe.  A system can be viewed in the same fashion as a Life Alert system that helps prevent injuries after a fall or other disasters.  Your liability insurance company can help you find a good, electronic system that ...

Fall Prevention Measures Taught In Prevention of Falls Training

By brian barrick
October 10, 2013

It is no secret that older adults are more prone to falls. As a result, those who fall may suffer from serious injuries because of their advanced age. In order to reduce your facility’s liability and other risks, it is important to implement a fall prevention education program for your employees and your residents. Creating ...

Personal Care Contracts

By brian barrick
October 09, 2013

There comes a time when some families recognize an older family member needs full or part time care help. An adult foster home may the perfect care provider. It is in the care home’s interest to have the person accepted for care to sign a personal care contract. What should be included in a personal ...