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Assisted Living vs. 24 Hour Home Care

By brian barrick
September 25, 2013

Assisted living facilities and 24 hour home care are two residential care options for aging or disabled people who need help with certain self-care tasks. However, there are some major differences between assisted living facilities and in-home care. The patient’s particular capabilities and needs must be evaluated to determine what living situation will be the ...

How to Start an Adult Family Care Home in Florida

By brian barrick
September 24, 2013

Starting an adult family care home in Florida is an honorable task. It’s not easy to care for low-income adult persons, and provide them with what they need from a meager fund that you receive. Don’t even consider it as a big time business because it’s not. If you’re all out for a clean business ...

Why is Insurance Important?

By brian barrick
September 23, 2013

“A lot of administrators and operators of adult family homes say that they are struggling to pay for professional liability insurance mandated by the state.” This is the sad part of managing this kind of business because you’re now required to get adult family home insurance. The worse thing is that you’ll be dealing with insurance ...

Adult Family Homes: Prevent Falls

By brian barrick
September 19, 2013

Falls Falls can be important to prevent when you are taking of a senior or a disabled person.  The concept of falling can truly frighten someone and cause a lot of different long term injuries in the process.  An adult family home has to be built with safety bars in the bathroom in order to ...

Abuse of the Elderly: How can we stop?

By brian barrick
September 18, 2013

Background Checks Abuse of the elderly is a horrible epidemic; it does need to be stopped.  An assisted care facility should do extensive background checks on all potential employees.  The question of whether these potential employees have been fired in the past for abusing residents is definitely something that an employer has to know about.  ...

How to Pinpoint Abuse & Neglect

By brian barrick
September 17, 2013

You may have put a family member in a care home because you want them to have the best life in their remaining years. Whether they have ailments that are either mental or physical, you would like them to be taken care of by facilities’ qualified staff. However, sometimes a staff member’s idea of hands ...

Where to find Ideas for Activities for Residents

By brian barrick
September 16, 2013

Activities An assisted living facility has to be well staffed with creative people.  A number of creative staffers out there have to know where to find ideas for activities.  It is very important to make sure that everyone inside of an assisted living facility feels included in activities.  A number of different card games will ...

What to do After a Fire

By brian barrick
September 11, 2013

Having your property damaged by fire can be devasting. Your insurance account manager is there to help you through the process and answer any questions you might have. There are a couple things that you can do first though. Do not enter your property and walk around. You may want to view the damage up ...