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What are The Benefits of Associations?

By brian barrick
August 28, 2013

Associations for the benefit of Assisted Living Centers first began with 1990.  Rippling had begun before but success occurred with the 1990 formation of Assisted Living Federation of America.  Since then other associations have formed, including valuable free referral sites for families.  Why the new trend toward organizing Assisted Living Centers into Assisted Living Associations?  The benefits ...

The Importance of keeping your Residents Safe from heat Exhaustion

By brian barrick
August 27, 2013

The elderly are one of the most susceptible groups to heat-related illnesses, especially heat exhaustion they are unable to adjust to sudden temperature changes and often have chronic medical conditions or take medications that affect how their bodies regulate their temperature. Because of this, you and your staff need to take extra precautions to ensure ...

Winter Fall Prevention Tips for seniors

By brian barrick
August 26, 2013

      Winter can be dangerous time – even more dangerous for the elderly.  Ice, snow, and other cold-weather precipitation can be slippery enough to injure anyone, but for seniors these falls can be even more threatening to their health.  If you work at an assisted living area, senior center home, or any place where ...

How to Enjoy the Summer without the Heat

By brian barrick
August 22, 2013

August is typically the hottest month of the year and a time to enjoy the indoors.  The risk of heat stroke amongst Senior Citizens increases as the heat outdoors increases.  The importance of maintaining good health and staying cool is vital when the temperatures rise outside.  Residential Homes are always looking for new ideas and ...

How a Home Care Agency for Alzheimer’s Care Can Support Families

By brian barrick
August 21, 2013

  Alzheimer’s disease is a difficult diagnosis to have and is a daunting disorder for both the one affected and the individuals caring for them. Many people want to remain in their own homes for as long as they can. Fortunately, there are home health organizations that will help Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers remain ...

Bath Safety – Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents inside Your Bathroom

By brian barrick
August 19, 2013

  Bathrooms are a very dangerous place to be. Slip and fall prevention should be a top concern in your bathroom. Many accidents happen due to wet floors, loose rugs, and tripping. Reducing these dangers will prevent many future accidents. The elderly are especially prone to falling in the bathroom, creating serious injury and even ...

Are Your Nursing Assistants in the Know About Abuse & Neglect?

By brian barrick
August 15, 2013

  Elder neglect and abuse is a hot-button issue in nursing homes across the country, and rightfully so. Should elder neglect and abuse be found within a nursing home there are many serious consequences that could result. An expensive, prolonged lawsuit, a review of the nursing home by a state licensing agency, and even the ...

10 Warning Signs to Identify the Early Onset of Alzheimer’s

By brian barrick
August 14, 2013

Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia, or loss of brain function, that is of increasing concern to health professionals and caregivers due to the greater number of people living well into old age. It is a condition that gets worse over time and affects memory, thinking and behavior. While the causes of Alzheimer’s disease ...

How to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents of seniors in the Living Areas

By brian barrick
August 13, 2013

  If you care for a senior citizen, one of the most important safety concerns you will need to address will be slip and fall prevention in your home. A little bit of prior planning and accident prevention can help ward off injuries that can be huge threats to the health of an elderly person. ...

The Difference between Alzheimer’s disease And Dementia

By brian barrick
August 12, 2013

Dementia is a word used to describe any of several mind disorders that affect perception, memory and judgment. Some types of dementia include vascular, frontotemperal and normal pressure hydrocephalus. Alzheimer’s is a progressive, irreversible disease that causes the degeneration of brain cells that leads to severe dementia. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease develop dementia, but, not ...