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Fall Prevention is the Best Cure for Senior Safety – Insurance

By brian barrick
May 30, 2013

Safety checks should be conducted in assisted living facilities and seniors’ personal homes to make the environment fall proof.  The checks should be performed by someone with expertise in fall prevention education and accident prevention.  Insurance premium rates for the facility will reflect your diligence. You must implement the senior’s own use of personal caution ...

Tips on Wandering Alzheimer’s Patients

By brian barrick
May 29, 2013

Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease are usually exposed to a lot of risks when they wander away from their homes and care facilities. This habit usually develops especially in winter season and when weather conditions are in extreme, precautions should be taken to ensure your loved one does not get lost. Preventing your loved one from ...

Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Neglect in the Elderly

By brian barrick
May 28, 2013

Elderly people often get treated badly, which is not acceptable at all, but many of these elderly people are being abused and neglected on a regular basis. Are you one of the people who work in a facility for the aged and do not realize that this behavior is going on right under your nose. ...

The Important Facts Regarding Elderly Fall Prevention

By brian barrick
May 23, 2013

As people grow old, they tend to become weaker, such that they can no longer perform the things they used to do comfortably. Anyone taking care of an elderly adult can attest to the fact that an elderly person can easily fall, causing various injuries on their bodies like hip fracture, breaking a hand or ...

Differences between Nursing Homes and ALF’s

By brian barrick
May 23, 2013

Everyone is bound to grow old at one time. When this happens, this individual needs appropriate care. The family of the senior person is usually faced with two major options. They can either take the person to an assisted living facility or to a nursing home. These two may seem quite similar but they are ...

Your Residents Would Never Wander? Don’t Be Too Sure!

By brian barrick
May 15, 2013

Wandering goes hand in hand with dementia and is more common in those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease presenting a safety hazard for the resident as well as liability for the facility.   There are ways to help prevent wandering in your assisted living facility, but first, wandering and its causes must be identified and understood ...

Fall Prevention for the Elderly

By brian barrick
May 14, 2013

A fall is an occurrence that is usually characterized by failure to maintain appropriate lying, sitting or standing, resulting in individual abrupt, undersized relocation to the ground. This may lead to loss of balance and following the absence of intervention. The management of this disorder is subdivided into several categories which include fall risk predictive ...

Assisted Living Facilities Insurance and Disaster Preparedness

By brian barrick
May 13, 2013

As  much as assisted living facilities are insured with insurance companies and against the relevant risks, safety comes first and prevention is better than a cure. This calls for the need to put in place measures and installed mechanisms to ensure that the inhabitants which include the residents as well as the employees are protected ...

Adult Family Home Insurance- Tips on Buying

By brian barrick
May 09, 2013

Insurance is a very important element in all aspects of life, be it in homes, industries, hotels, business enterprises or eve firms. Personal items such as cars, houses and other forms of durable consumer goods also need to be insured. The reason why one really needs to seek insurance for their items is the fact ...

What Should You Expect From Assisted Living Facilities?

By brian barrick
May 08, 2013

Retirement is a mandatory thing that happens to all of us. It is important that you plan your retirement early on to be able to fully enjoy life during your golden years. Many people can be quite strong when they grow old, however, other people need special care because they are faced with an illness ...