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lanAssisted Living Facility Disaster Plan

By brian barrick
August 28, 2012

You may see social media as a hobby that takes up too many teenagers time, but in the matter of disasters, it can be a life saver. Think about it, if there is a major disaster, like a severe thunderstorm that injured 100 people and killed one, but there is no way of communicating if ...

Increase in Chronic Conditions for the Elderly

By brian barrick
August 28, 2012

A large rise in chronic conditions in the elderly has been seen across genders, race, and socioeconomic status. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention did a study on many chronic conditions in the elderly and found that the number of affected seniors rose over 8% in ten years. Seniors contracted a vast combination of ...

Italian Cooking Class

By brian barrick
August 27, 2012

Delizioso! Everyone loves a large homemade Italian meal, you’ve got the pasta, the bread, chicken, fish, almost anything you can think of and it is all delicious. The residents will enjoy eating the food but they would benefit from it even more if they helped make the food. You could host an Italian food cooking ...

Fragrance-Free Workplace

By brian barrick
August 23, 2012

Adult Care homes and assisted living facilities work with a unique group of individuals, our elderly population. Working this close with other individuals can be a rewarding experience.  Recently, there was a story in the news regarding the practice of fragrance-free work places and it made me think of the adult care homes and assisted ...

Business Plan for Adult Care Homes

By brian barrick
August 21, 2012

Starting an adult care home is a big step that is beneficial to the future care of elderly population. While the senior’s children start making a family of their own, it can get a little difficult for them to help their parents as much as they would like to. To first start business like an ...

Super Bowl Sunday

By brian barrick
August 20, 2012

Football is a sport that many people enjoy, and the one football game that almost everyone watches is the Super Bowl. Have you thought about having a Super bowl party for your residents? They will love a little healthy competition. First, ask all nursing home facility residents to wear a jersey, t-shirt or the colors ...

Coping with Alzheimer’s

By brian barrick
August 16, 2012

Coping with daily life can be difficult, but with Alzheimer’s disease, it can be more challenging for the patient and for the loved ones. The actuality that someone you love has such a distressing illness can trigger an array of emotions including fear, sadness, confusion and anger. There is not a bandage for this pain, ...

Prepare for a Disaster

By brian barrick
August 14, 2012

The last thing most of us want to think about before traveling or even relaxing on a couch at home is what kind of hazards (natural and not) are occuring or could occur. It is important to know this information so you are prepared during and after an emergency occurs. Here are a few ways ...

Cross Word Puzzles

By brian barrick
August 13, 2012

Cross word puzzles can be very beneficial for seniors. Nowadays, people can just type the definitions into a search engine and find the word, but luckily, most senior citizens do not do this. There are many benefits that crossword puzzles provide: Stretches the possibility of your mind. It lightens their moods. It keeps the wits ...

Fall Prevention for your Adult Care Home

By brian barrick
August 07, 2012

As we get older, the chances of falling and hurting ourselves in the home become more likely. Weakened leg muscles, limited dexterity, and impaired vision are just a few factors that can contribute to a fall resulting in injury or worse. To ensure safety from these falls use the following precautions: Stairways should have handles ...