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Carefully Speaking Part 2

By brian barrick
May 30, 2012

In the last blog we talked about all of the enhancements with hospice providers and we skimmed over administrative and clinical risk exposure. The first risk is uninformed benefit election. To avoid risks you should include an election statement that contains essential information and disclosure like a clear explanation of the scope and nature of ...

Importance of Smoking Policies

By brian barrick
May 29, 2012

Smoking policies are very important and needed in every assisted living facility. It is apparent that many facilities are not dealing with safety concerns related to smoking and losses adequately. Your policies need to be specific for your facility, not general policies customized for a different assisted living facility. A smoking policy that is not ...

Art Therapy

By brian barrick
May 28, 2012

  Inclusion of art therapy in the Assisted Living Facilities has positive effects on the elderly. Socialization, self-esteem, and memory retrieval are enhanced by the art experience. In addition, the staff and administrators of the Assisted Living Facility find art therapy to be valuable and arranged to continue the program. Art therapy is a form ...

Carefully Speaking Part 1

By brian barrick
May 23, 2012

For many terminally ill patients, hospice care offers a humane and dignified alternative to conventional medical treatment. It has become an increasingly accepted option for end-of-life care over the past two decades, with approximately 1.5 million Americans receiving hospice services from approximately 5,000 programs. These programs operate within a variety of settings, ranging from home ...

Emergency/Disaster Plans

By brian barrick
May 22, 2012

Is your emergency/disaster plan up to date for your assisted living facility? If not, your facility could be at a major risk and if an emergency or disaster arises, you will not be prepared. Preparedness is essential to helping your residents in these stressful times.  Your plan should include preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery instructions ...

Penny Carnival

By brian barrick
May 21, 2012

To help the residents raise money for an excursion or activity that they would like to have or attend a penny carnival may be just the fundraiser you need. A penny carnival is a carnival that sells handmade or homemade baked goods along with a few simple games to raise money. Since summer is approaching, ...

TNR and managing the volunteers

By brian barrick
May 18, 2012

I recently became aware of a TNR program that had a volunteer allegedly place a trap on private property and when the volunteer was confronted on this by the owner of the property, the property owner alleges the volunteer became verbally abusive, intimidating and pushed him.  As a result the organization may suffer a lawsuit.  ...

Fire Safety In Your Facility

By brian barrick
May 15, 2012

Every day we sit on the news, another home or building has been destroyed by an uncontrollable fire.  These stories are saddening and often depressing.  Make sure your adult care home is protected  or at least well-trained in the event there is a fire.  All healthcare workers must know the facility’s Fire Emergency Plan, the ...

Sewing Circle

By brian barrick
May 14, 2012

Hobbies that some residents enjoy that are repetitive and a crowd pleaser are sewing.  To get the residents together that enjoys this hobbies, first you need to find someone (preferably a staff member) to lead the sewing circle. Next you will need to get the sewing supplies or have the residents bring their own. Your ...

Dangers of Mold

By brian barrick
May 10, 2012

Although droughts are very common right now in the US, there have been many storms that have caused water damage for homes across the United States. Water damage is not just a problem because of the stains, but mold can grow and infest homes as well. The water damage must be remediated fast and professionally ...