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2 Steps to a Crisis Management Plan

By Heather Brown
September 01, 2014

Crisis management is a plan that works to minimize the potential damage of a crisis, and in some cases can be effective in eliminating a potential crisis altogether. It is a two-pronged exercise.

The first is the crisis management plan, and the second is the crisis communication plan. Together they form the most potent prescription for protection against crisis failure. A large part of the crisis management plan is communication with the clients, public, employees, etc. Some organizations could have survived the hazard and the results of the hazard with proper insurance protection and a good disaster preparedness plan, however, they were forced to close the doors to their establishment because they did not have a plan to communicate to residents, staff and the public how they are dealing with the situation and the plan to get back in operation quickly. After a hazard has occurred at your business, residents may become uneasy because of the uncertainty following the hazard.

After a fire, the residents may feel they won’t have a place to stay. The family may also become uneasy, out of concern for their loved one not having a place to stay and the public may become concerned and not seek to place their loved one looking for assisted living in your facility or home because of not knowing when you will have space available or if you will be in operation. A Crisis Management Plan properly created and implemented will establish the tools, mechanisms, policies and procedures to communicate with the residents, family and public what has occurred, how you are dealing with it and when to expect results.

A sample Crisis Management Plan can be obtained by going to and selecting the Resources link and then clicking the link to CRISIS MANAGEMENT PLAN.

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