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What does my insurance policy cover?

General Liability - Provides protection when a resident or visitor to your home or facility trip and fall resulting in an injury and/or a lawsuit, OR when a resident hurts another resident/visitor resulting in an injury or lawsuit. This coverage includes both bodily injury and property damage.

Professional Liability - Providing protection for an error in administering the wrong medication, not administering enough medication, giving too little medication, etc. that results in further illness or injury to the resident and a lawsuit. Coverage also includes allegations of neglect of a resident that result in a lawsuit.

Sexual Abuse and Molestation - Provides coverage for lawsuits arising as a result of sexual abuse or molestation from an employee to resident, resident to resident, or resident to public. It is not intended to cover the employee that performed the act once they are found guilty of the act. (No policy is intended to cover an illegal act)

Personal Injury - Provides coverage for lawsuits arising from slander or false arrest. These types of claims can result of your calling the police due to a visitor attempting to come into the facility that was not known or invited or may not be permitted by the family or resident.

Advertising Injury - Provides coverage for unintentional false advertisement or misrepresentation in advertising. As an example writing in your brochure that you provide 24-hour care, when in reality you provide 24-hour awake staff. 24-hour care can be mistaken as medical care, when 24-hour awake staff simply means you have a staff awake to attend to the residents 24 hours.

Products Liability - Provides coverage, should a resident get food poisoning as a result of the food prepared by the facility resulting in a lawsuit.

Employment Practices Defense - Provides payment towards defense of a discriminatory claim from an employee.

Fire Hazard Legal Liability - Coverage for residents’ property in the event it is broken, lost, or stolen.

Regulatory Defense - Provides payment towards defense cost of a illegitimate fine/citation received by the facility. An additional insurance coverage that can be added to your current policy.

Home Health Endorsement - Do you own a home health or companion care agency? Contact your account manager today to add your agency to your existing policy.


You will also find the service offered by PCH Mutual Insurance Company to be unique and exclusive to only Assisted Living and Personal Care:

PCH Mutual Insurance Company, an RRG
The only insurance company to write assisted living facilities, personal care homes, adult foster homes, and adult family homes and home health agencies. PCH Mutual does not insure Nursing Homes. Experience has shown nursing homes suffer more frequent and often times larger losses than assisted living facilities and home health agencies. By not writing nursing homes, our member-insureds benefit from lower insurance costs, and a team working to provide loss control tools specific to the assisted living and personal care industry to maintain the lower cost for insurance.

Experienced Claims Staff
An experienced team manages claims with over 500 assisted living claims under their belt and settled at approximately 50% of the industry average.

PCALIC CEO Brian Barrick is one of the founders of PCH Mutual Insurance Company, A RRG and has over 30 years experience managing, consulting and providing insurance for assisted living facilities. PCALIC is the Marketing Director and underwriting arm for PCH Mutual Insurance Company, A RRG.





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