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General & Professional Liability Insurance

Slips and falls can happen at any moment to a visitor or resident in your adult residential facility. Providing the wrong medication or wrong amount of medication can occur. Residents can wander resulting in injuries or death. Proper insurance protection is essential when a claim occurs. General and Professional Liability Insurance can provide this greatly needed protection.

This coverage includes:

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage
  • Professional Liability
  • Personal and Advertising Injury

Having proper liability insurance in place for your adult residential facility can alleviate stress brought on by lawsuits from residents, residents’ family members and the public. Lawsuits arise daily accusing care providers of inadequate care, neglect, and from slips and falls.

What costs does General and Professional Liability Insurance cover?

  • Costs of defending or investigating a lawsuit or claim against your facility
  • Reasonable expenses incurred when the insurance company asks you to assist in your defense
  • Judgements or settlements resulting in covered suits
  • The premium on a court mandated bond connected with a liability suit.

By making sure you are properly covered, you can focus on serving your residents and communication with their families.

To request a quote for General & Professional Liability Insurance simply complete the short form on this page. Or call 800-673- 2558 to speak with a PCALIC team member now.


Please complete all sections of the following rapid quote form. The quote will be forwarded to you by e-mail shortly so be sure your e-mail address is correct.

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All quotes are subject to pre-approval of underwriting after review of a completed application, copy of your last state inspection report including any deficiencies and past claims history. This liability insurance program is only available to qualified licensed facilities and homes.

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    I probably would not be in business anymore had it not been for the insurance PCALIC made available.  As a small PCH owner I can barely keep my head above water.  It is wonderful having an advocate who goes to bat for me.

    - Annie Fehnel

    Morning Star Manor, Inc

    Very much appreciate the quick response and professionalism of your staff! I also love your easy steam lined approach to renewals.

    - Ana Walker

    Walker’s Group Assisted Living
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